Photo Booth Rentals in Orlando and Washington DC

Hosting an Event in DC? Consider a Photo Booth Rental for Your Entertainment Needs!

Pictures provide a way of remembering an event long after it is over. Are you hosting a party any time soon? If so, a photo booth is a great way to keep your guests entertained and allow them to leave with a memento of their time at the party. In addition, a photo booth does not require anything from you during the course of the evening, so you are free to attend to other tasks.

Working with Smith Landing Photo Booth
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Smith Landing Photo Booth is committed to customer service. We have experience with many different types of events, including birthdays and weddings. We listen to our customers and do everything in our power to fulfill their requests. If you are hosting an event in or around DC, contact us to see how we can help you.

Advantages of Renting a Photo Booth

First, our photo booths come equipped with a number of different props. These props help your guests exercise their creativity and inject a little fun into the picture taking process. There are a lot of different options, and we can try and include props that match your theme. In addition, if you do not know what you need, we are happy to speak to you about your ideas for the event and give you a few suggestions. In addition, we are happy to talk about branding as well.

The photo booths themselves are large, and they are able to accommodate as many as six people. Therefore, groups are able to go in and create memories with one another! However, just because the photo booths are big does not mean they are awkward. We can take them just about anywhere and set them up wherever you would like at the event.

Pictures are available in both black and white and color. If your guests are feeling inspired, they can also make HD movies. We have state of the art technology, which means that there is very little wait time for the pictures. In addition, it is possible to hook up the camera to an external monitor. This allows everyone at the event to see the photographs as they are snapped.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. That means you do not have to worry about the photo booth at all during the event. Attendants from our company bring the photo booth to you, and they remain there to man the booth and make sure it works properly.

Would you like the photographs to be available on the Internet so your guests can see them? We can do that for you. We set the album up with a password, which gives it added security. That way, you can be sure that only those at the event can see the pictures.

If you are interested in a photo booth rental, do not delay. Call us to talk about your options and which date you have in mind. We would love to go over our packages, and we can work within your budget to help you get what you want. In addition, we can tailor a package to your specific event, to ensure that you are happy with the services.

We offer photo booths in several different locations. Whether you live in Norfolk, Baltimore, Richmond or Jersey City, we can help you! Our services are also available in a number of other areas as well.